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Ten teachers at CUHK piloted the new approach in the academic year of 2014-15. To read more, please refer to the teacher′s profile page.

Order * Teacher Teaching Unit
1 Prof. FUNG Ka-yiu Michael Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics
2 Dr. LIU Kar-wai Connie
3 Dr. KU Kei-tat Fred
4 Dr. SHU Tse Mei Annie Department of Psychology
5 Prof. CHEUNG Him
6 Dr. CHOW Tak Sang Jason
7 Dr. CHOW Ian Castor Department of Translation
8 Ms. CHAN M.K. Maggie English Language Teaching Unit
9 Prof. SIDHARTH Jaggi Department of Information Engineering
10 Prof. CHAN Chung

* In the order of first joining the community